How To Dazzle Guests With An After Dark Wedding Reception

If you’re the type of bride who likes to do things differently, a late wedding might be your cup of tea. Instead of dragging your guests to a daytime ceremony at noon, marry in the evening and then party all night long at your after-dark reception. Having your reception start after the sun has set presents a whole new world of possibilities when it comes to decorating the venue. During the daytime things like subtle details and color shades that are different can make or break a decorating scheme, but at night it’s all about lighting and silhouettes.

All you really need are a lot of wholesale fairy lights and a clever designer who can create the perfect intimate vibe with those lights. If there are any water displays in your venue, you should invest in getting some loose, waterproof LED fairy lights that can float in the water. These will look beautiful in the dark, especially along with decorative floating flowers. LED lights paired with flowers are your best friends when it comes to decorating a dark venue.

Something important to keep in mind when decorating with lights is the fine balance between atmospheric and glaring. While you want to make sure your guests can see what’s going on, avoid fluorescent, bright lights that are blinding. Instead use different lighting sources scattered all across the room to create a soft, layered look.

There should be absolutely no places where there is complete darkness or glaring brightness. Everything should remain more or less soft looking for the best effect. Photographers might find it more difficult to capture images in low lighting, so be sure they are prepared for the challenge when you hire them.